2024 Times Higher Education subject rankings reflect UP’s commitment to academic excellence

Posted on October 27, 2023

The University of Pretoria’s (UP) Faculty of Law has once again achieved the highest ranking in Africa and secured a remarkable 65th position globally in the 2024 Times Higher Education (THE) Subject Rankings, which were announced on 26 October 2023.

This is the seventh year that the Faculty of Law at UP leads the rankings on the continent.  This prestigious recognition is a testament to the University’s unwavering commitment to legal education and its success in cultivating a rigorous academic environment. UP’s Faculty of Law is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, distinguished faculty and its contribution to legal research, scholarship and advocacy. The University’s leading position in this field underscores its vital role in promoting social justice, equity and legal literacy, setting a high standard for legal education globally.

The subject rankings cover 11 broad subject areas: Arts and Humanities; Business and Economics; Clinical and Health; Computer Science; Education; Engineering; Law; Life Sciences; Physical Sciences; Psychology; and Social Sciences. UP is ranked in 11 broad subject areas, and improved its overall score in 20 out of 31 narrow subject areas compared to 2023.

In South Africa, UP is ranked number one in the following subject areas: Law; Veterinary Science; Accounting and Finance; Agriculture and Forestry; and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The University is number two in Sport Science; Mathematics; Statistics; Archaeology; Architecture; and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and number three in Politics and International Studies; History; Philosophy; and Theology; Art; Performing Arts and Design; Biological Sciences; and Economics and Econometrics, and number four in Sociology; Psychology; Physics and Astronomy; Civil Engineering; and Education.

The University improved its global ranking in six out of 11 subjects, and its performance remained stable in five out of 11 subjects compared to the previous year. UP’s performance improved in the following subject areas: Arts and Humanities; Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health; Education; Law; Life Sciences; and Social Sciences. Its performance remained stable in the following subject areas: Business and Economics; Computer Science; Engineering; Physical Sciences; and Psychology.

Unwavering dedication to nurturing talent

Additionally, UP achieved its highest-ever ranking in the field of Social Sciences, placing it within the top 400 universities worldwide. This performance serves as a testament to the University’s dedication to fostering a rich academic environment, promoting innovative research and providing a comprehensive education in Social Sciences. This achievement not only enhances the University’s reputation on the international stage but also solidifies its commitment to contributing meaningfully to the broader field of Social Sciences.

In his response, Professor Themba Mosia, the Interim Vice-Chancellor and Principal, expressed immense pride in UP’s outstanding performance across various broad subject areas. He highlighted that UP has not only maintained but enhanced it overall score and global standing in broad and narrow subject areas. This remarkable improvement reflects the University’s commitment to academic excellence, continuous learning, and its ability to adapt and excel in a diverse range of disciplines. Furthermore, he emphasised this performance underscores UP’s significant contribution to higher education in South Africa, and its unwavering dedication to nurturing talent and promoting scholarly excellence across a broad spectrum of academic fields.

“To become a global powerhouse, we must first ensure that our academic offerings are of the highest standard, relevant to the changing world, and that they resonate with the global academic community,” Prof Mosia said. “We are committed to fostering a research-intensive environment, where innovation and critical thinking are at the forefront. This involves not only attracting top-tier talent from around the world but also providing them with the necessary resources and a conducive environment for ground-breaking research.”

In his closing remarks, Prof Mosia reaffirmed the University’s commitment to creating an inclusive, supportive and diverse academic environment. “As we strive towards global competitiveness, we remain grounded in our values, ensuring that we provide an environment where every member of our community feels valued, supported, and inspired to achieve their full potential.”

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