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Welcome to the University of Pretoria. We are one of the largest universities in South Africa which means that you will get the opportunity to make friends with people from around South Africa and across the world. You will learn about many different cultures and get to explore many of your talents through our extramural sports, arts and cultural programmes. Our vibrant campuses are a hive of activity of students studying, researching their assignments, enjoying the WiFi, listening to music, laughing and hanging out with their friends or figuring out how to solve tomorrow’s big issues today. At UP, we take every effort to ensure that you have all the resources you need to make your dreams and goals a reality. We provide a very high quality of teaching to ensure that you can learn effectively, but we also ensure that you can always find extra notes and additional resources online, or learn by applying your knowledge through assignments, practical work and community engagement. As a UP student, you will have access to our work readiness and entrepreneurship training which will equip you for life beyond university. Undergraduate and postgraduate students have access to state of the art facilities, laboratories and libraries across all our faculties. Whatever you choose to study, work consistently to maintain a good average and to graduate on time. Everything you do in the present has an impact on your future, so make today matter. #ChooseUP because your success matters.

For student IT related problems or assistance with resetting your password, please send an email to [email protected].


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Fees and Funding

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Financial Aid

The University of Pretoria cares about all our students. We know that studying at a university comes with a host of expenses for you and your family...Read more

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Campus Life

When it comes down to student life, academic engagement and growth form the foundations of the University of Pretoria. The UP also offers a dynamic and well-rounded student experience on our campus in the city of Pretoria. Click here to learn more about the buzzing student life and not-to-be-missed activities that can cater to your specific interests. With us, you can nurture your current passions and discover new ones...Read more

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