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Did you know that if you #ChooseUP, you have more than a 90% chance of finding a job within six months of graduating? UP’s track record in the employability of its graduates is well known. Our world-class programmes are all accredited by the Council on Higher Education and we are an internationally recognised university. Your success matters at UP and we have made every effort to ensure that you have access to the opportunities and skills required to make a success of your studies, your profession and your life.

Some programmes have built-in workplace job experience. This helps you to understand organisational culture, to work in teams and to develop a good work ethic. We offer Work Readiness programmes, which provide free training to give you job skills that are valued by employers, and our entrepreneurship course gives you the skills you need to start your own business. Our community engagement courses help you to develop other attributes such as social responsibility, working in teams, respect for diversity and communication and negotiation skills, while solving real problems in society and making a difference.

With everything at university and in life, your success depends on you. You have to work hard and make responsible choices to graduate in the allocated amount of time for your degree – for example, finishing a three year degree in three years. We offer you the best teaching and learning opportunities by employing experts in their fields to teach you in various contact sessions, but also by always having additional activities, notes, resources and videos online. You can find these on our online learning management system, clickUP.

Additional support is offered to first-year students to orientate you in the range of support services and offerings available institution-wide and within faculties to help you achieve your academic goals. Many skills are learnt in your formal studies but you can also rely on mentors in your first year as you adjust to the new environment; advisors throughout your studies who will help you with study, test-taking and time-management skills and how to make the best decisions for your studies; and tutors who will help you to understand your academic knowledge and skills better.

The University is also interested in your well-being and provides counselling and health services as well as learning assistance for students with disabilities. Every student can participate in a range of extramural art and sports activities to ensure you develop holistically. Success isn’t always measured by how much you earn or how famous you become. Success is also being a UP graduate who is a well-rounded, creative, responsible, productive citizen who cares about the issues affecting society and strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

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