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The Department of Student Affairs assists academic departments in their efforts to produce well-rounded individuals
— Student Affairs

University of Pretoria

Department of Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs’ mission is to design and implement high impact programmes to enhance student success, leadership, welfare and wellness within a proactive and programme-based approach.


The DSA identifies  the following objective to do work towards:

1. Imporove effeciencies and effectiveness in the dilivery of relevant and equitable services and programmes across various campuses. 

2. Attract funding to support wraparound and leadership development programmes.  

3.Build institutional cultures and practices that are inclusive and welcoming to a diverse student community.

4. Enhance community and engagement with students.

5. Create and stregthen programmes focus on the development of enterpreneurial skills of students.

6. Intergrate sustainability principlesin all DSA operations. 

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