Flexibility matters.  In an age where many 21st -century services have moved online, from banking to shopping to entertainment, higher education should not be the exception.  The University of Pretoria has taken the bold step to launch a number of fully online accredited programmes through its UPOnline initiative. 

The fully online teaching model is vastly different from the University’s traditional offering.  For starters, there are 6 intakes per year, instead of the normal single intake in January.  This means that you will typically be able to start your first module within 2 months following your application.

You will complete one module at a time, instead of the normal parallel offering of a cluster of modules. Each module is offered in blocks of 8 weeks or 16 weeks and is assessed continuously.  This means that you complete the entire module, including its summative assessments, by the end of the 8 or 16-week period. 

Notably, you also only pay for the module that you are busy with, meaning that employed students will be able to afford their studies with greater ease.

Despite all these differences, one thing remains the same.  Students who graduate from a fully online programme will have a fully-fledged accredited academic qualification from the University of Pretoria behind their name, similar to any other face-to-face UP graduate.

Your online journey starts here!

Click here to #ChooseUP and request information for the UPOnline programme of your choice. 

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