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Tukkie for life!

"We are proud of our graduates who are playing key roles in the economy, social, political, sporting and cultural arenas, making a positive difference world-wide. Your successes elevate the profile of the University and the quality of its degrees and impacts positively on the marketability of all our graduates".

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Welcome to the University of Pretoria. Over the years our campuses have rapidly developed and modernised. The jacaranda trees have always remained and UP is still your home. We still provide the best quality of education to thousands of young people from all over South Africa and the world. For more than a century, we have  been unwavering in our commitment to academic excellence and our nearly 300 000 alumni are proof of our success. 
You’re always welcome back home, and we’d love to be in contact with you so always be in contact with our Alumni office so that your details are always up to date. This way, you can receive the latest news, events, academic research resulting in exciting discoveries and be up to date on the best that UP has to offer. 

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