Clinical Medical Practise

Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice (BCMP)

A clinical associate is a professional member of the health care team with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to function effectively in mainly the district/government health care system in South Africa.

Clinical associates work at the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. Teamwork and communication skills are critical and clinical associates need good clinical skills to manage common ailments and diseases.

We also play a vitally important role in rural healthcare, for doctors (mostly rural) have welcomed this profession and look forward to working with us. Their support will ensure better health care for patients and will also enable doctors to engage in greater outreach programmes.

This qualification is achieved by attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medical Practise at an accredited University.


Clinical associate students spend their first year learning clinical theory and practise on Med Campus, with a strong focus on taking a detailed medical history, conducting thorough physical examination and reaching a possible diagnosis. The remainder of the three years is spent doing actual clinical practice at allocated clinical sites where a mentor (Family Physician) is allocated to each group. The mentor is then responsible for these students and all the theory work that comes with being a health care professional.


The training clinical associates receive prepares them to provide a broad range of medical care, including but not limited to:

  • Obtaining patient history
  • Physical examinations
  • Ordering and performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Interpreting findings and diagnosing common and emergency conditions
  • Developing and implementing a treatment plan
  • Monitoring efficacy of therapeutic interventions
  • Assisting with surgeries
  • Providing patient education and counselling
  • Making appropriate referrals for specialised care



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