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UP prides itself on producing well-rounded, creative graduates who are responsible, productive citizens and future leaders. To be one of these graduates and to have these qualities starts within you at school. We recommend that you choose subjects in Grade 9 that will help to give you the basis for the career field that you want to enter when you #ChooseUP. Remember to choose a programme for a career in a field that suits your strengths, interests and passions.

You have to work really hard at school to ensure that you do well, to allow you to be admitted as a UP student. Continue to work hard at UP to ensure that you keep your place in class and graduate on time.

You have probably heard your teachers at school and older friends or family tell you that university is not like school. At university, you are expected to make decisions on your own. These range from selecting modules (subject choices) to compiling your personal timetable (if that is applicable to your course) and deciding whether you want to engage in extra-curricular activities such as sports or joining a student society.

You will have a lot of freedom to make these decisions, but part of growing up is learning to be responsible. Remember that your future is in your hands. The effort that you put into your studies today will benefit you directly now and in the future.

When you first come to UP, it is compulsory for you to attend the Orientation Programme. During this programme, you will be equipped with a good overview of everything that’s on offer to help you and make your journey at UP easier. You will learn valuable tips, skills and contact details that you will need for the rest of your time at university.

Some of the main things that you can do to help you succeed with your studies and workload are:

  • Keep up to date with reading notes or the applicable chapter before your class. Make sure that your assignments are done and handed in on time.
  • Study for class tests to keep a good average.
  • Speak to tutors, mentors, lecturers and faculty student advisors when you have difficulties.

Following these basic tips will have a positive effect and allow you to balance your time well.

Studying at a great university like UP is an exciting time in your life, and it will bring its own challenges in coping in a new environment.

To help you, we offer a comprehensive network of support, such as lecturers, tutors, mentors, faculty advisors and student administrative staff, so that you are always able to achieve the best for yourself through your studies and beyond. Through these support structures, we are able to give you good advice help you graduate on time.


We know that you may sometimes feel overwhelmed at university or unsure of how to do something. Always ask someone for help if you need it. Your tutors, mentors, faculty advisors and lecturers will often be able to guide you fairly quickly or point you in the right direction. There are no stupid questions, and we are all here to help you. The Department of Student Affairs has a range of support systems in place for student health, students with disabilities, the Student Representative Council and other student organisations.

At university you will not only learn in the classroom, but also when you do assignments and research projects or when you access additional notes and videos online. You will also be learning when you do practical work in laboratories or presentations. You will be learning when you apply your skills and knowledge to real life when you do work-integrated learning or help communities to solve problems.

At UP we have thousands of computers in our computer labs so you will be able to access notes and resources online. The AIM module helps you to learn how to use a computer and the learning management system, clickUP, where all your notes and tips will be posted. If you own a laptop, tablet or smartphone, but can’t afford data, we have free Wi-Fi access on campus.

We are one of the largest research universities in South Africa, and this means that we work on finding solutions to problems faced by society. We attract students from around the world who want to work and study at our excellent facilities and with our world-class researchers. This creates an exciting and diverse community where you can learn about other countries and cultures from your classmates and friends.

Success is about good pass marks at university and a stimulating experience, but it is also about success when you graduate. To help you succeed in getting that first interview, that first job, and remaining meaningfully employed in the future, UP offers free online modules as part of its Ready for Work programme. We also offer a free entrepreneurship programme to teach you how to start your own business. You can help yourself to even greater success by taking personal responsibility for your future by finishing these courses.

With everything in place to ensure your success, all that’s left for you to do once you #ChooseUP is to follow the tips you are given, choose your modules carefully, make use of the support offered, and work consistently and keep up with your work schedule. This will help you to graduate on time. Graduation is just around the corner and the future is yours!





Published by Sipho Mphurpi

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