UP Giving Day Campaign

The University of Pretoria (UP) is all set for its second consecutive Giving Campaign, which begins on 24 July. Through the campaign, the University is aiming to raise R100 million over three years.

UP Giving Day Campaign 2023

2023 UP Giving Day Campaign Q & A

Funding Testimonials: Experiences from students funded by donors like you

Gugu Ihenacho

BE THE HOPE: BE THE HOPE: “A lot of students that come into our offices have actually lost hope in terms of continuing their studies or actually re-registering. So we see a lot of hope being restored in our students when we are able to offer them that financial assistance that wouldn’t be otherwise available.” – Gugu Ihenacho, Senior Assistant Director: Financial Aid.

Restore a student’s hope. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Lebohang Baleni

MAKE AN IMPACT: “I want to be able to give back one day, and help others like I have been helped. To give value to society as a whole, and to have an impact in someone’s life.” – Lebohang Baleni, BCom Accounting Science student.

Make an impact. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Monique Maartens

REACH GOALS: “Education is never a waste. You can provide someone like me the opportunity to get out of poverty and reach a goal that was not obtainable at first, but has now become the ultimate goal.” – Monique Maartens, MSc Bioinformatics student.

Help a student reach their goals. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Wayne Huni

FUTURE-FOCUSED: “Think of it as helping someone else gain independence, and helping them see who they are, and how they could impact the future.” – Wayne Huni, BA Humanities student.

Invest in a student’s future. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Avhashoni Managa

CREATE OPPORTUNITIES: “I’ll encourage people to go ahead and donate because even if it is a small amount, it could give relief to a person facing financial exclusion. It could prevent a person from finding himself or herself sleeping at the library because they cannot afford accommodation. So this also gives opportunities and makes students optimistic about life.” – Avhashoni Managa, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery [MBChB] student.

Change a student’s life. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Gareth Griffiths

LIFE-CHANGERS: “Helping others achieve their dreams and goals not only changes their lives but the lives of the people around them, the community, and our country at large.” – Gareth Griffiths, Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting Sciences (PGDAS) student.

Be part of the change. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Jaley Lakey

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: “I am the first one in my whole family to go to university, and that has made me so happy because with financial aid I was able to go on with my studies. Now I can finally say I have a degree behind my name. I am truly beyond grateful for it.” – Jaley Lakey, BSocSci Industrial Sociology and Labour Studies student.

Be part of someone’s story. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za

Resego Mophoso

SHAPE THE FUTURE: “I would like to encourage people to donate and allow more people such as myself to be able to attend university and to graduate, so that in turn we can help more people in the future.” – Resego Mophoso, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery [MBChB] student.

Help create change. Give today at https://givingday.up.ac.za


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