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"Data is the sword of the 21st century: those who can wield it well, the samurai."

Welcome to the Department of Statistics!

Some details regarding the start of the year: 

1. You can register online if you are an existing UP student. If you are a new UP student you need to register in the Sports Campus (LC de Villiers) to get your student card etc and gain access to main campus. Please register asap. If you have any issues with registering online you will need to visit LC de Villiers. Also see the details posted on Facebook regarding registration issues. Please insure you register for STK 796/899/991 - this is compulsory for every year of your degree. 

2There is a compulsory bootcamp (if you have not already attended in the past) from 29 January 2019 - 1 February 2019 in the SIT 1 Lab, Informatorium 8am - 5pm each day. The bootcamp forms part of the module STK 796/899/991, a compulsory module - make sure you register for it. Ensure you have booked leave if you work full-time. No exceptions to missing the bootcamp will be accepted. There will be pre-work and assignments due the week following the bootcamp to do so please plan your time. Students who have done the bootcamp in previous years do not need to attend again but are welcome to provided they RSVP with Dr Fabris-Rotelli. 

3. There is a compulsory meeting on Monday 4 February at 5pm for all postgraduate students. Venue will be communicated on the department's website. Attendance will be taken. 

Any queries can be directed to Dr Fabris-Rotelli: [email protected] (012) 420 -5420. 


The Department of Statistics is pleased to offer a new degree MSc eScience from 2018. Details can be found here.



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BAYESIALAB Course in Pretoria, 29-31 January 2019

Get a probabilistic perspective on AI in 2019. Click here for more information and to register:



Career Corner: Statisticians now in demand

The Department of Statistics is proud to announce the SAS certification of the undergraduate and honours training in statistics and mathematical statistics. SAS, a leading international statistical software developer, has approved the following SAS certificates based on the existing programmes:

  • Introduction to statistical learning and statistical learning, and
  • Introduction to big data analytics and big data analytics.
The Department of Statistics values the recognition from industry in this regard.




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