Posted on July 15, 2019

Staff and students at all University of Pretoria campuses are being welcomed back for the second semester with the official launch of THE UP WAY campaign.

“THE UP WAY is our ethos, it’s the UP vibe and it’s our way of life at the University of Pretoria and what we stand for as an institution. It’s as much about where we come from as where we’re heading to because THE UP WAY is about our excellence, perseverance, respect, creativity, innovation, diversity, growth, kindness and making a difference every day. It reflects our culture and what we do to uplift each other and society to make today matter, so I encourage everyone to embrace THE UP WAY wholeheartedly,” says Professor Tawana Kupe, UP Vice-Chancellor and Principal, who is championing this campaign.

UP Vice-Chancellor Professor Tawana Kupe, staff and students embrace #TheUPWay.

THE UP WAY is what we believe makes UP one of the top universities in the country and the world. It reflects our brand that lives in the hearts and minds of our staff, students and alumni.

THE UP WAY focuses on what we do at UP, the effect and the impact of what it means to be part of our community of staff, students and alumni.

THE UP WAY is how we teach and learn, innovate and shape the future, impact on our society and economy and live as ethical, socially and environmentally conscious individuals who work together to uplift and inspire those around us. Our success lies in how we do things and that is THE UP WAY.

The campaign draws on all our strengths as a university. It encompasses everything from having the support systems in place to help our students graduate on time, to ensuring that students are ready for the world beyond university because they have workplace skills, or skills to start their own business and be their own boss. More than that, it is about kindness, respect, tolerance and the ability to empathise with those around us. These humane qualities, combined with excellence in teaching and learning and practically applying our skills, make our students highly employable.

These additional support mechanisms are a part of who we are and how much we do to ensure that our students get a holistic education. Success matters to everyone and doing your personal best and achieving excellence for yourself is part of THE UP WAY.

Graphic showing how different campaigns fit into different themes

THE UP WAY ties together all the various campaigns the University of Pretoria uses to communicate its support systems and initiatives to ensure student success.

One of these campaigns encourages students to keep their eye on the finish line and graduate on time by focusing on time management, working consistently throughout a semester and getting a good semester mark. The hybrid learning campaign looks at the many different teaching and learning methods for our students, such as traditional lectures and practical classes, as well as online notes and resources and doing their own learning through self-enquiry and community-based projects.

We also run campaigns that look at how to prepare for the workplace or start your own business through entrepreneurship. Research and innovation is part of the key strategy for our University. Our focus on social responsibility, community engagement, disability awareness and ethical practices in all spheres of our work forms part of our culture and the way we live our lives. These campaigns and awareness drives reflect the themes of teach and learn, innovate, impact, and live.

UP Vice-Chancellor Professor Tawana Kupe, staff and students having fun on the launch of #TheUPWay.

This holistic campaign is represented by an icon to support and indicate how the individual service offerings interlink as part of THE UP WAY. The photography and design elements are fresh, bright, and reflective of the UP environment, our students and ethos. This adds authenticity and allows our community to connect with the aspirations of excellence in teaching and learning, innovation, making an impact and living an ethical and well-rounded life.

If you think you are a good candidate to contribute your voice to THE UP WAY, or you would like to offer us any suggestions, comments or compliments, please contact the Department of University Relations by email.

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