Top international guest lecturer visits UP

Posted on March 13, 2014

Prof Peter Biely, who works at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, is one of the most highly regarded scientists from Slovakia, with about 6000 citations credited to him and 210 published articles and chapters. Prof Biely’s research focuses on the interface between basic and applied research in the field of lignocellulosic degradation, with an emphasis on the discovery and use of new biocatalysts which can be used in the break-down of complex carbohydrates.

Prof Biely presented three guest lectures during his time at the University of Pretoria specifically on the topic of microbial and enzymatic degradation of plant biomass and mentored a number of postgraduate researchers in CMEG. He also shared with the research unit information on combining metagenomics with microbial enzymology and biochemistry to discover new, industrially important biocatalysts occurring in nature. His stay resulted also in a joint review on microbial enzymes participating in the breakdown of plant polysaccharides.

Prof Biely’s research forms the basis of applied research in the field. Applications of his research can be found in industries such as paper and pulp manufacturing, baking and agriculture.

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