The first trans-Atlantic hearing test - a breakthrough in telemedicine

Posted on April 15, 2009

This demonstration was part of a featured session moderated by Prof James W Hall III with three panelists including Prof De Wet Swanepoel, Dr Mark Krumm and Dr Dirk Koekemoer. Both Professors Hall (extraordinary professor) and Swanepoel (associate professor) are associated with the Department of Communication Pathology, University of Pretoria.

Attendees experienced how telehealth in audiology can penetrate the silent epidemic of hearing loss, the most common chronic disability, in underserved areas of the globe. As a highlight and demonstration of the scope and possible penetration of telehealth audiology, a live transatlantic hearing test was conducted with an internet enabled audiometer on a patient in Africa. The historic evaluation was conducted successfully during the assessment by Prof James Hall with the assistance of Dr Dirk Koekemoer.

As a conclusion to the session the non-profit organization called the Tele-Audiology Network (TAN) was launched as a global initiative dedicated to improving hearing health of individuals globally through telemedicine technology.

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