TuksLaw Festival 2010

Posted on February 01, 2010

" TuksLaw - imagine the impossible and turn it into a reality"

The Festival is an opportunity for the Faculty community - lecturers, students, administrative staff, alumni and others who are linked with the Faculty - to showcase and enjoy those talents and interests which we do not see in the classrooms every day. It also offers a chance  to enjoy food and drinks in the building where we normally work, and to celebrate our various talents and diversity.
We invite everyone who is interested to join in:
•    make music
•    dance
•    perform comedies
•    exhibit paintings, photographs, poems, hobbies
•    play chess and boulle
•    walk in a fashion parade
and in general have a good time.

The Law Clinic Restaurant will open at 12:00.
The live music will start around sunset.

To participate or for more info on this event, please contact:

Francois Wessels
Tel: 012 420 4304
Email: [email protected]
Office number: 3-33 (Department of Mercantile Law)

Please contact us if you would like to showcase your talents, perform on stage, have collectibles to show off, or if you would like to boast about your country's cuisine or your culinary skills.  Let us make the 2010 Law Faculty Festival a perfect reflection of the potential residing in every student that walks these hallways on a daily basis. 

We salute those prospective lawyers that rock, jazz, dance, model and artistically express themselves in any fashion!

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