Programme: PhD Science and Mathematics Education

Code Faculty
02260754 Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Credits Duration NQF level
Minimum duration of study: 2 years Total credits: 360 NQF level:  10

Programme information

The programme is designed for science educators at all levels who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies in science education but closely allied with a scientific discipline. Science, in this context, is interpreted in its broadest sense, and includes the physical, biological and earth sciences, as well as mathematics and technology.

At the end of this programme the student will be capable of doing independent research within the values and approaches of the sciences, and their impact and role in the broader social and economic environment with an educational focus.

For admission to the PhD in Science and Mathematics Education, the programme composition of the master’s degree must have included a reasonable research component that led to a dissertation.

Applicants seeking admission in the PhD Science and Mathematics Education programme should indicate their particular field of specialization, i.e. Science Education or Mathematics Education. For Science Education, please refer to the Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. For students specialising in Mathematics Education, the contact department is the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Duration of studies
The doctorate is conferred on a student only if one of the following periods has expired:

  1. At least four years after complying with all the requirements for a three-year bachelor’s degree.
  2. At least three years after complying with all the requirements for a four-year bachelor’s degree.
  3. At least two years after complying with all the requirements for a bachelor’s degree of five years or more.
  4. At least two years after complying with all the requirements for a master’s degree.
  5. With the exception of a shorter period that may be approved by the Dean, at least 12 months since registration for the doctorate at this University has expired.

The relevant head of department may set specific residential requirements for students who are required to live on campus.

Renewal of registration
Subject to other faculty regulations, a student for a doctorate must complete his or her studies within three years after first registering for the degree. Under special circumstances, the Dean, on the recommendation of the relevant head of department or the Postgraduate Committee, may give approval for a limited fixed extension of this period.

The curriculum for the PhD degree consists of the following:

  1. Theoretical knowledge of the major subject/s and such additional modules as may be prescribed.
  2. A thesis.

Candidates are required to familiarise themselves with the General Regulations regarding the maximum duration of study and the requirements to submit an article/s for publication.

Admission requirements

  • An appropriate master’s degree
  • A candidate must demonstrate expertise in education research methodology (including relevant statistical methods) and in current thinking in the field, with the understanding that a candidate who does not satisfy the required level of expertise may be admitted on condition that additional agreed study assignments are completed and/or examinations passed.

Examinations and pass requirements

  1. Consult the General Regulations that apply to the calculation of marks.
  2. In order to obtain the PhD degree the candidate must:
  • pass the examinations and the prescribed modules, as determined in the study programme;
  • pass the thesis; and
  • pass the final examination on the thesis and general subject knowledge.

The information published here is subject to change and may be amended after the publication of this information. The General Regulations (G Regulations) apply to all faculties of the University of Pretoria. It is expected of students to familiarise themselves well with these regulations as well as with the information contained in the General Rules section. Ignorance concerning these regulations and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression.

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