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Programme: PhD Taxation

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Minimum duration of study: 2 years
Total credits: 360

Programme information

Contact: Department of Taxation 012 420 4983

The PhD with the option in Taxation is a research degree, requiring the completion of supervised as well as independent research resulting in a thesis.

Due to capacity constraints, there are not an intake of new students every year. It remains the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the degree they wish to apply for, will indeed be offered.

Admission requirements

  • Relevant master’s degree with an average of at least 60%
  • Additional requirements as required by the head of department and
  • Relevant work experience.

Additional requirements

The Dean has the right of authorisation regarding matters not provided for in the General Regulations or the Faculty regulations.

Examinations and pass requirements

The thesis should be passed in accordance with the stipulations of Regulations G.52 and G.60.2.2, as well as a compulsory module in Research Methodology.

Research information

The research component comprises a thesis and a draft research article submitted for publication. A candidate will work under the guidance of a supervisor(s) to develop a detailed research proposal according to departmental guidelines and regulations. The proposal must be presented to the departmental PhD committee and must be officially approved by all relevant committees before the candidate can commence with his/her research. The candidate will continue his/her research under the guidance of his/her supervisor(s) until the research is completed according to the rules and regulations of the University. A public defence of the final thesis is compulsory and forms part of the final examination. Furthermore, a draft research article, based on the candidate's research, must be submitted for publication to a recognised accredited journal. The article is a compulsory condition for the degree to be conferred on the candidate. The research thesis contributes 100% towards the total requirement for the degree.

Minimum credits: 360

Core modules

BEL 993 Research proposal 993 Credits: 0.00

BEL 997 Thesis: Taxation 997 Credits: 360.00

Minimum credits: 360

Core modules

BEL 997 Thesis: Taxation 997 Credits: 360.00