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Programme: MScAgric Genetics

Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Minimum duration of study: 2 years
Total credits: 180

Programme information

On the recommendation of the head of department, the Dean may set specific residential requirements for the MScAgric degree.

Renewal of registration
As long as progress is satisfactory, renewal of the registration of a master’s student will be accepted for the second year of the study. Registration for a third and subsequent years will only take place when the Student Administration of the Faculty receives a written motivation which is supported by the head of department and Postgraduate Studies Committee.

Subject to programme-specific requirements, the curriculum for the MScAgric degree consists of the following:
a. A dissertation; and
b. Further study in the major subject/s, augmented by ancillary modules prescribed by the Postgraduate Studies Committee, on the recommendation of the head of department. Such ancillary modules may be taken simultaneously with the major subject/s. Candidates in possession of the BScAgricHons degree may be exempted from additional ancillary modules.

Candidates are required to familiarise themselves with the General Regulations regarding the maximum period of registration and the requirements on the submission of a draft article for publication.

Admission requirements

  • An appropriate BScAgric degree, with a final grade point average of at least 60%, or on recommendation by the Head of Department. Preference will be given to applicants with the highest final grade point averages for their preceding degree and qualifying applicants may be subjected to an entrance evaluation examination.
  • Admission is furthermore contingent on the availability of supervisors and/or research projects within the Department.
  • Admission is additionally dependent on availability of supervisor/s and/or projects within the department.

Other programme-specific information

Students registered for the MScAgric programme will be required to complete ancillary modules concurrently with the abovementioned dissertation during their first year of registration. These modules will be selected from the Genetics honours modules (700-level). Candidates in possession of a BScAgricHons may be exempted from these modules.

Note: Additional modules may be prescribed by the head of department where deemed necessary.

Examinations and pass requirements

  1. The examinations in the ancillary modules should be successfully completed prior to, or simultaneously with, the examinations in the major subject/s, unless the Faculty Board decides otherwise.
  2. General Regulation G.12.2 applies to the calculation of marks.
  3. In order to obtain the MScAgric degree, the candidate must pass all prescribed modules, including the examination in the major subject/s, as well as the dissertation.

Minimum credits: 180

Core modules

GTK 890 Dissertation: Genetics 890 Credits: 180.00

Minimum credits: 180

Core modules

GTK 890 Dissertation: Genetics 890 Credits: 180.00