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Programme: BSocSciHons Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Faculty of Humanities
Minimum duration of study: 1 year
Total credits: 120

Admission requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree with an average of at least 65% in the appropriate major.

Minimum credits: 120

Elective Modules

Select one module.

Core modules

EFK 752 Trends in heritage and cultural tourism 752 Credits: 30.00

Module content:

Development of the concept heritage and cultural tourism, fields of research, approaches, different research methods.

EFK 754 Tourism research and methodology 754 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

Development of the concept heritage and cultural tourism, fields of research, approaches, different research methods.

EFK 757 Research report: Heritage and cultural tourism 757 Credits: 30.00

Module content:

A research report on an aspect of heritage and cultural tourism.

EFK 758 Cultural tourism 758 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

Cultural-anthropological interest in tourism.  Tourism and identity construction. Tourism as a form of pilgrimage, imperialism and globalisation. Tourism and sustainable development.

Elective modules

AGL 751 Archaeology 751 Credits: 30.00

Module content:

Advanced archaeological theory
In-depth, participative seminar-style examination of the function of archaeological theory and its development globally and in Africa. Covers cutting-edge theoretical developments such as landscape, gender and agency. Students will also be taught core-research skills to enhance critical thinking and evaluation.

AGL 753 Current issues in archaeology 753 Credits: 30.00

Module content:

This module will cover a range of contemporary issues in archaeology, ranging from the emergence of social complexity and state systems in southern Africa, to the understanding of material culture in the archaeological record. The module content is intended to be dynamic, reflecting contemporary trends and emerging issues, whilst being anchored in the core research themes and specialities of the Department.

APL 756 Politics of identity 756 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

Globalisation and localisation. Multiculturalism and its multiple meanings. Politics of identity in the postmodern age of neo-liberal capitalism.

APL 761 Contemporary ethnography 761 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

The production of ethnographic texts, reflexivity in ethnographic writing, postmodernism, contemporary concerns about ethnographic texts and the “crisis of representation”. A critical reading of three recent ethnographies.

GES 704 South African history 704 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

A theme from the history of South Africa.

GES 705 African history 705 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

Aspects of the history of modern Africa.

TBE 714 Responsible ecotourism management 714 Credits: 20.00

Module content:

This module focuses on managing ecotourism (including the natural and cultural resource base) following eco-principles and guidelines in order to provide a framework for sustainable/responsible tourism development in response to community needs within the Southern African context. The concepts of ecotourism, alternative tourism, responsible tourism and geotourism are debated.The management of ecotourism is studied  from a theoretical perspective addressing issues such as the planning, design and sustainable development of eco-facilities and spaces; co-creation and the experienced tourist; the greening of the environment; and managing sustainable events; against the backdrop of climate change using local, national and international case studies. The aim is to provide students with a holistic perspective of ecotourism and to hone their entrepreneurial view to issues within this arena in order to apply sustainable eco-principles to various situations, ranging from green architectural structures and spaces to sustainable community and pro-poor tourism projects.