Non-compliance with rules and regulations

1.  A student’s non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the University may constitute misconduct and will be dealt with in terms of the Disciplinary Code: Students. Whilst a disciplinary investigation against a student is in process a block is activated against the name or record of the student concerned. This block will limit a student’s access to his or her academic record and will indicate which division or department should be contacted.

2.  A student’s non-fulfilment of his or her financial obligations towards the University does not constitute misconduct as intended in the disciplinary code and procedures of the University. However, the University reserves the right to:

(a) levy interest on unpaid amounts at an interest rate equal to that of the prime rate of the University’s bankers as of 1 February of the year concerned, and to hold the student responsible for such amounts;

(b) withhold a student’s final marks;

(c) refuse registration for a following term;

(d) deny admission to examinations;

(e) deny admission to lectures/practical sessions;

(f) deny the student a certificate of conduct;

(g) withhold a student’s academic record;

(h) withhold a student’s degree/diploma certificate;

(i)  deny the student admission to accommodation in a residence;

(j) deny him/her access to meals in a residence;

(k) terminate the student’s accommodation in a residence;

(l) have the debt listed with a credit bureau; or

(m) hand the account over to the University of Pretoria’s attorneys or debt  collectors in order to collect the outstanding fees, in which case the student   will be liable for the costs incurred. 

Note: Non-compliance with a student’s financial obligations does not deprive the student of his/her right to perusal of examination scripts in terms of General Regulation G.14.

The information published here is subject to change and may be amended after the publication of this information. The General Regulations (G Regulations) apply to all faculties of the University of Pretoria. It is expected of each student to familiarise himself or herself well with these regulations as well as with the information contained in the General Rules section. Ignorance concerning these regulations and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression.

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