Sexual harassment and racial discrimination

In terms of its Code of conduct on the handling of Sexual harassment and its Policy on Unfair Discrimination on the basis of Race, the University of Pretoria strives towards creating a living and study environment for each of its students that is non-sexist, non-racist and non-discriminatory.

Disciplinary steps can be taken against students who commit acts of sexual harassment and/or unfair discrimination on the basis of race. Upon conviction, such students can be expelled.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that violates the rights of a student and constitutes a barrier to equity within the University community, while unfair discrimination on the basis of race impairs a student?s right to a non-discriminatory, non-racial study or living environment.

The procedures to be followed by a complainant to report cases of sexual harassment and unfair discrimination on the basis of race are set out the University’s policies and can be illustrated as follows:


1. Reporting/Complaint at Protection Officer*/Student Council member*/ Member of the Support Panel*

2.  Consultation: Complainant with Protection Officer

3. Choice: Either Mediation or Disciplinary Procedure

4. Mediation: Come to an Agreement OR

5. If no Agreement, Disciplinary Procedure


* Student Council member (Tel: 012 366 9800)

* Protection Officer: Mrs E Gardiner: Legal Services Division (Tel: 012 420 3073)

Access to the Code of conduct on the handling of Sexual harassment is available at

* The names and contact details of members of the Support Panel to whom complaints can be reported are attached to the policy. 24 hour crisis line: Tel (012) 420 2310 or 0800 006 428 (toll free).

The Policy on Unfair Discrimination on the Basis of Race is available at


The information published here is subject to change and may be amended after the publication of this information. The General Regulations (G Regulations) apply to all faculties of the University of Pretoria. It is expected of each student to familiarise himself or herself well with these regulations as well as with the information contained in the General Rules section. Ignorance concerning these regulations and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression.

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