Programme: MLandscape Architecture (Prof) Landscape Architecture

Code Faculty Duration Credits
12252008 Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology Duration of study: 1 year Total credits: 120
Prof AAJ Barker
[email protected]
+27 (0)124204542

Programme information

The Master of Landscape Architecture (Professional) is a taught master’s degree for the purpose of registration as a candidate professional landscape architect with the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession in terms of Act 45 of 2000 and is done by coursework, projects and a design investigation mini-dissertation and design project and discourse.

Also refer to the G Regulations G.30 to G.40 and G.50 to G.54.

Admission requirements

Candidates for the degree programme Master of Landscape Architecture (Professional):

(1)  must be a graduate with a BLHons degree or an equivalent university degree;


(2)  must have an appropriate recognised tertiary qualification at honours degree level;


(3)  must have a qualification deemed adequate by the Head of Department in consultation with the Dean and obtain (where necessary) the approval of Senate and comply with any other prescribed requirements.

Candidates mentioned in (2) and (3) above may at the discretion of the Head of Department be required to be evaluated in prerequisite fields of knowledge and/or register for additional modules for non-degree purposes.

Candidates mentioned in (1) (2) and (3):

(i)   should preferably have had practical experience and/or have done and recorded an extended study excursion;

(ii)  are interviewed for selection;

(iii) must present a portfolio and/or design journal which demonstrates the requisite level of proficiency and competency and is considered a record of their experience within the discipline;

(iv) are selected on merit.

Please note: A limited number of candidates are admitted to this programme.

Additional requirements



Other programme-specific information

Design topic

The topic of the final design project (DIT 802 & DPD 802) must be approved by the Head of Department.

Awarding of degree

The degree is awarded to those students who have obtained the prescribed credits. Those students admitted with conditions must comply with all of these before all the 700 series module credits and the degree are awarded.

Examinations and pass requirements

The minimum pass mark is 50%. A minimum of 40% is required in the examination, with a minimum final mark of 50% to pass. If a module is not evaluated by examination a minimum coursework mark of 50% is required. If the module is not evaluated by coursework a minimum examination mark of 50% is required.

Research information

G Regulation G.39.12. applies.

Pass with distinction

The degree is conferred with distinction on those students registering for the first time and obtaining a distinction (75%) simultaneously for both the Design investigation mini-dissertation (DIT 802) and the Design project and discourse (DPD 802) with the proviso that the degree is completed within the minimum prescribed time and all other final-year modules are passed on first registration.

The information published here is subject to change and may be amended after the publication of this information. The General Regulations (G Regulations) apply to all faculties of the University of Pretoria. It is expected of each student to familiarise himself or herself well with these regulations as well as with the information contained in the General Rules section. Ignorance concerning these regulations and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for any transgression.

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