BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics

The BA (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) programme provides students with in-depth knowledge and an analytical understanding of contemporary political and economic issues. The combination of these three disciplines—philosophy, politics and economics—focus on the social world and social phenomena from different perspectives.

The BA (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) programme is an example of the complementary multidisciplinary studies that are an integral part of university studies. This qualification teaches students to respond in a sensitive, rational and innovative manner to moral problems and challenges within their politico-economic context.

A BA (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) qualification is an internationally recognised ‘brand’ that is respected for its rigorous training and immediately gives students entry into a variety of careers related to economics, policymaking, journalism and the diplomatic service.

The BA (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) programme introduces students to the rigorous, vibrant context of interdisciplinary research. Training in three majors—philosophy, politics and economics—that includes statistics up to second-year level, teaches students to master the critical skills required by ‘citizens of the world’. By learning to analyse and reason, students can critically engage with the history of modern economic and political thinking, and by honing their mathematical skills students can take advantage of the current big data explosion.

The perfect candidates for this exciting programme are students who have an affinity for mathematics but are also interested in socio-economic and political issues, for example the impact on society of factors such as climate change, job migration and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Career Opportunities

You will be eligble for a career in economic or political policy-making, journalism or the diplomatic service.

Programme Code


Closing Dates

  • SA – 30/09/2022
  • Non-SA – 30/09/2022

Admission Requirements

Important information for all prospective students for 2023

The admission requirements below apply to all who apply for admission to the University of Pretoria with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Independent Examination Board (IEB) qualifications. Click here for this Faculty Brochure.

Minimum requirements

Achievement level

English Home Language or English First Additional Language



(Grade 11)


(NSC/IEB completed)





* To retain admission, you must obtain an APS of at least 32 in the NSC.

* Students interested in the BA (PPE) programme not complying with the 5 in Mathematics for the programme, but with an APS of 32, a 4 in Mathematics and a 5 in English, may be admitted into another degree for their first year. If they register for STK 113 and 123 in their first year of study, and they pass each of these with 60%, they will however then have the option to apply for an internal transfer to the BA (PPE) in their second year of study. 

Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS. 

You will be considered for final admission to degree studies if space allows, and if you have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualification with admission to bachelor’s degree studies, and comply with the minimum subject requirements as well as the APS requirements of your chosen programme.

Applicants with qualifications other than the abovementioned should refer to the Brochure: Undergraduate Programme Information 2023: Qualifications other than the NSC and IEB, available at click here.

International students: Click here.

Transferring students

A transferring student is a student who, at the time of applying at the University of Pretoria (UP) is/was a registered student at another tertiary institution. A transferring student will be considered for admission based on NSC or equivalent qualification and previous academic performance. Students who have been dismissed from other institutions due to poor academic performance will not be considered for admission to UP.

Closing dates: Same as above.

Returning students

A returning student is a student who, at the time of application for a degree programme is/was a registered student at UP, and wants to transfer to another degree at UP. A returning student will be considered for admission based on NSC or equivalent qualification and previous academic performance.


  • Students who have been excluded/dismissed from a faculty due to poor academic performance may be considered for admission to another programme at UP, as per faculty-specific requirements.
  • Only ONE transfer between UP faculties and TWO transfers within a faculty will be allowed.
  • Admission of returning students will always depend on the faculty concerned and the availability of space in the programmes for which they apply.

Closing date for applications from returning students

Unless capacity allows for an extension of the closing date, applications from returning students must be submitted before the end of August via your UP Student Centre.

Minimum duration of study

3 years, full-time

Faculty Notes

All modules (excluding foreign language modules) will only be presented in English, as English is the language of tuition, communication and correspondence at the University of Pretoria.

Faculty Yearbooks: click here

The University of Pretoria has decided not to set a specific closing date for applications to non-selection programmes for 2023. Applications will close when the available study spaces are filled (close on availability of space). Once the available number of study places for a specific programme are filled, no further applications for that particular programme will be considered. All applicants are therefore strongly advised and encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible after 1 April 2022 and to check the application site (UP Student Portal) regularly. 

The Faculty of Humanities provides a holistic education, transferable skills, critical thinking, and communication and problem-solving that will help you develop to your full potential. You will be entering a stimulating environment that will broaden your intellectual horizons and help you achieve personal and professional success through the best possible learning experience.

As the most diverse Faculty of the University of Pretoria, we offer an exciting and comprehensive range of programmes and discipline-based majors, including studies in languages, social sciences and visual and performing arts.

  • Disclaimer: This publication contains information about regulations and programmes of the University of Pretoria. Amendments to or updating of the information may be effected from time to time without prior notification. The accuracy, correctness or validity of the information contained here is therefore not guaranteed by the University at any given time and is always subject to verification. The user is kindly requested to verify the correctness of the information with the University at all times. Failure to do so will not give rise to any claim or action of any nature against the University by any party whatsoever.

Enquiries about the programme

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