University of Pretoria Obtains Court Interdict Against Striking Workers

Posted on February 27, 2024

The University of Pretoria has successfully obtained a court interdict today against striking workers, affirming its commitment to the safety and security of the university community. 
The court's decision, which comes amidst ongoing labour unrest, imposes restrictions on activities that could disrupt the university's operations. The interdict prohibits any unlawful interference with the University's operations, activities, and academic programmes. It further mandates a ban on any violent or unlawful conduct in pursuit of wage demands, including harassment, assault, prevention of services, interference with traffic, and damage to property. 
The University emphasises the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of all individuals on its campuses. We remain committed to resolving labour disputes through constructive dialogue and within the framework of the law. In light of recent developments, the University wishes to address the ongoing negotiations with NEHAWU regarding proposed salary increases. While appreciating NEHAWU's dedication to their members, the University faces significant financial challenges that prevent immediate compliance with the demands. 
Factors such as modest income growth (2.5% growth in its main source of revenue), high staff costs, high student debt, and operational expenses have contributed to the decision to manage the salary bill. In the interest of responsible financial management, the University encourages NEHAWU to collaborate closely with University management as they implement the Financial Sustainability Plan. This plan aims to reduce costs and explore revenue enhancement opportunities, ensuring the institution's long-term financial stability. 
The University of Pretoria remains optimistic that through constructive cooperation, it can continue to provide quality education and support to its community while navigating the current labour landscape  


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