A gadget free day for your mental and physical wellness

Posted on September 13, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of our lives. We have been forced to review and realign our lives to accommodate all the abrupt changes that came with it. Since March 2020 we have been working hard amidst the challenging new virtual environment. We, as the leadership of the University, appreciate your hard work and the extra time you have invested to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Of most serious concern is your mental and physical wellbeing. We want everyone to function optimally and we encourage both staff and students to live a balanced lifestyle.

With that said, we have decided that all UP staff deserve a break. Owing to the pandemic, we were unable to celebrate Spring Day last year. In light of the continuing impact of the pandemic, we can again, not have a Spring Day celebration in 2021, which had been scheduled for 22 September. We have thus decided instead, to give every staff member the day off on Thursday, 23 September. Spring Day as per UP Calendar will now be on 23 September 2021, with the Thursday timetable being followed on 22 September 2021.

Let’s make it a gadget-free and no-work day where everyone can relax, and spend time outside with their families and friends. (Abiding by lockdown restrictions, of course.)

I hope you will use the time off wisely by looking after your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and enjoying time with your loved ones.


- Author Professor Tawana Kupe

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