2019 May/June Examination

Posted on May 21, 2019

Please take note of the following measures applicable to the June 2019 examination period:

Access to campus:

  • Students should arrive at the campus in good time  prior to the start of the scheduled examination.  It is recommended that students arrive at perimeter gate at least 60 minutes before the examination starts.
  • All students must present a valid student card to access the campus, (Note: Passport documents will not be accepted as an alternative to gain access to campus).
  • The student cards and biometric system is used to access the campus. Staff are therefore instructed not to allow students access to the campus by driving students on to the campus in their vehicles as all occupants in addition to the driver in vehicles containing more than one occupant will be required to use his/her student/staff card and biometric system to access to the campus.
  • No functions or events will be allowed on campus during the examination period.

Access to examination venues:

  • Students should arrive at the examination venues in good time before the start of the scheduled examination. It si recommended that they arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of examination.
  • Only students who are scheduled to write examinations during a particular session, will be granted access into the specific venue.
  • Students must present identification via their student cards or ID books/cards at examination venues.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed in the examination venues. However, students will be allowed to bring water in transparent bottles into the examination venue.


  • There will be no bag check- in facility.
  • No bags/satchels will be allowed in the examination venue.
  • Only stationery in transparent bags may be taken into the venue.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and put in transparent plastic bags which must be placed underneath the chair in the examination venue.
  •  Students should bring their own transperant plastic bags.
  • Students are requested not to bring additional material.

NB: The University will not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any bag, including the contents thereof.


  • For staff:  normal arrangements regarding parking will apply.
  • Students writing on Groenkloof or Mamelodi campuses will be allowed to park on these campuses.
  • The park and ride facility from the Hillcrest campus (sports campus) will be available throughout the examination period. The timetable for this service will be made available on ClickUp.


Bus services:

  • Bus services will not operate according to the normal time schedules.
  • Refer to ClickUp for the bus schedules applicable for the examination period.
  • Bus services will be running between Hatfield, Groenkloof, Mamelodi and Prinshof campuses in accordance with the examination session timetable.
  • The bus service between Sunnyside and Arcadia to the Hatfield campus will operate in accordance with the examination session timetable. .
  • A bus service will be available to transport students from the Groenkloof campus to Arcadia and Sunnyside after conclusion of each examination session.
  • No bus service will be available to transport students from Sunnyside and Arcadia to the Groenkloof campus. Students from Sunnyside and Arcadia must take the bus to the Hatfield campus and will then be transported to the Groenkloof campus. 

Additional information to take note of during the examination period:

  • All libraries and study centres will be open during the examination period on all campuses.

Library hours during June 2019 examination period: can be accessed by clicking on the link: http://www.library.up.ac.za/aboutus/hours.htm

  • IT Labs on the Hatfield, Groenkloof and Mamelodi Campuses will be available.
  • Sick Notes: Students who are unable to write an examination due to unforeseen circumstances  or illness should submit the original documents to the Faculty Administrative offices within 3 working days of the date of the particular examination that was not written.
  • Perusal of examination scripts:  the process for the perusal of examination scripts will be communicated via lecturers.

Information about examinations and related matters

All staff members should appraise themselves of the most recent information regarding examination and related matters (as approved by Senate). This information can be found on the UP portal.

Log into the UP intranet, choose policies, then institutional policies and then alphabetical list, the letter of alphabet E will take you to the “Exams and related matters” policy.


Department of Enrolment and Student Administartion

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