Notification regarding campus access during the December holiday period

Posted on December 07, 2018

During the period between 21 December 2018 and 3 January 2019, the following changes will be made to access on UP campuses:

Access cards for undergraduate and honours students will be deactivated until they register again in 2019. Students who wish to be excluded from this need to complete and upload an application on the Permission Manager system. This will only be applicable to students who did not discontinue studies in 2018, or complete their studies in 2018.

Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral student cards will not be deactivated during the recess period and will remain active until 28 February 2019. These cards will be deactivated from 1 March 2019 if the student has not registered for 2019. If access is required from 1 March 2019, but the student has not yet been able to register, exceptions must be loaded and approved on Permission Manager for a limited period of time, provided the student did not discontinue studies in 2018 or complete their studies in 2018.

Contractor/external user cards will be deactivated for the period, unless exceptions were captured and approved on the Permission Manager system by the respective departments and faculties.

All personnel cards will remain active during the recess period.

During the official registration period at Hillcrest Campus, between 10 and 30 January 2019, the following will apply:

  • All inquiries from students who are not registered will be referred to the Hillcrest Campus.
  • Only students with active cards will be allowed onto campuses.

For any queries please mail [email protected]

- Author Department of University Relations

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