Sport medicine and lifestyle researchers fight diabetes, heart disease and depression

Posted on December 05, 2016


Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), or diseases of lifestyle, are taking a greater toll than ever on human health. Globalisation and industrialised food systems have put citizens of developing countries at risk of obesity, heart disease and other metabolic disorders and in South Africa, NCDs are rapidly becoming the most common cause of death, with the heaviest burden falling on low- and middle-income populations.

At the University of Pretoria (UP), multiple departments, researchers and health practitioners are working in the broad area of sport and exercise medicine, but there has been no specific institute coordinating research and other activities in this area.

As it is believed that the institution could make a major impact in the areas of sports, exercise and lifestyle research, the Institute for Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Research (ISEMLR) was established to bring together various aspects of sport and lifestyle under one roof. Headed by Prof Martin Schwellnus and launched in June 2015, the Institute aims to address one of UP’s four strategic research themes - Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Interventions for Chronic Disease.

At the University of Pretoria, we believe that the solutions to global problems can be found in the research we do today. Visit Research Matters to find out how UP researchers are making their days matter at the Institute for Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Research.



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