FABI researchers unravel Eucalyptus tree genomics and biology

Posted on May 13, 2015

Researchers and postgraduate students from the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) and the Genomics Research Institute (GRI) at the University of Pretoria contributed to eight articles in a special issue of the journal, New Phytologist. These articles cover diverse topics, such as genome diversity, comparative genomics, carbon allocation, protein evolution, floral development and woody biomass production in Eucalyptus trees.

New Phytologist published a special online issue, celebrating the completion of the Eucalyptus genome, the results of which were published in the prestigious journal, Nature, in June 2014. The special issue of New Phytologist (June 2015) contains genome companion papers, which further unfold into the unique biology of Eucalyptus trees, gained from the analysis of the genome.

Prof Zander Myburg, Prof Dave Berger, Dr Eshchar Mizrachi, Dr Steven Hussey from FABI and GRI and their postgraduate students contributed to the eight articles (listed below). This set of papers represents a significant advance in the understanding of the biology of the most widely planted hardwood fibre crop in the world. Together with the completed genome Populus, this genome resource will serve as a model and reference for the study of fast-growing woody plants that are used as renewable feed stocks for a growing number of bio-based products, such as timber, pulp, paper, cellulose, textiles, pharmaceuticals and bioenergy.


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Hefer CA, Mizrachi E, Myburg AA, Douglas CJ, Mansfield SD. (2015) Comparative interrogation of the developing xylem transcriptomes of two woodforming species: Populus trichocarpa and Eucalyptus grandis. New Phytologist 204(6):1391-1405. 10.1111/nph.13277



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