Strategic Plan - 2025

Posted on December 04, 2014

As its predecessor’s period (2007–2011) draws to a close, the University of Pretoria’s Strategic Plan–2025 provides the roadmap and navigational markers for guiding the University to achieving the vision and strategic goals it has set itself for the next 15 years.

This long‐term plan is inspired by the ideas generated in research, discussion and projects undertaken by a number of individuals and groups within the University.

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to capture the cornerstones of a common vision and
understanding of the University’s role and identity in the context of multiple and changing demands
— nationally, regionally and in an increasingly interconnected global world.

Shorter five‐year cycles of planning and implementation will be located within this broader framework so as fully to exploit the dynamic nature of change that must sustain the vibrancy and responsiveness of the University within its envisioned trajectory that is firmly located in Africa.


The Strategic Plan—2025 captures the core strategies of the University of Pretoria over the next 15 years by:

  • Recognising its early beginnings and strength in existing diversity
  • Positioning its strategic trajectory within a changing socio‐political, economic and higher education environment
  • Declaring its vision, mission and values
  • Foregrounding the core activities of research, teaching and learning
  • Embedding community engagement and civic commitment in its academic mission
  • Harnessing its strength as a large residential university to steer the research‐intensive identity it wishes to attain
  • Embracing diversity to enrich the University’s intellectual environment and improve graduate outcomes
  • Setting overarching goals, targets and key performance indicators.

The Plan also focuses on support services and key resources required for achieving the University’s
academic mission:
  • Staff and students are the University’s core human capital asset
  • Spatial infrastructure and physical facilities are central to providing the environment within which students and staff can excel
  • So too are libraries, facilities, support for research, teaching and learning, knowledge management, information and communication resources and platforms necessary for sustaining the knowledge production activities and linkages of the institution.

Social, environmental and financial sustainability will be at the core of the University’s future
viability, and is based on four key drivers: sustained quality, relevance, financial capacity and
deliberately harnessing the University’s existing and future diversity potential.


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