Department of Practical Theology hosts NRF project

Posted on February 23, 2011

For an overview of the projects’ methods and aims, see Wepener, C.J; Swart, I; Ter Haar, G; & Barnard, M. 2010. “The role of religious ritual in social capital formation. Theoretical and methodological points of departure of a South African exploration in progress”. Religion & Theology 17, no. 1&2, 61-82. 

As a part of the research project participatory observation is being conducted in local communities. 

Every year the project organises a conference during which scholars from the participating universities come together to present papers and do further reflection. The institutions involved are the University of Pretoria (where the project is hosted at the Department of Practical Theology), University of KwaZulu-Natal, Huguenot College, University of Fort Hare, University of Stellenbosch, the Institute of Social Studies (The Hague), Utrecht University as well as Humboldt University (Berlin).

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* Publications and work-in-progress up to date: 

Barnard, M; Mbaya, H. & C. Wepener. 2011. “Religious ritual and social capital in South Africa” (Conference proceding being prepared for LITVerlag).

 Barnard, M. & C. Wepener. 2010. “Rethinking Functional Qualities of Liturgical Ritual” (Work-in-progress).

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Mbaya, H. 2009. “The role of ritual in generating social capital in St. Francis Anglican Church (Mothers' Union) in Kokstad, KZN and the Corinthian Church in Zion at Phepheni in the Eastern Cape”. (Submitted) 

Mbaya, H. 2009. “The role of ritual in shaping the life of the members of the Corinthian Church of South Africa in Zion at Phepheni, near Kokstad: from the perspective of social capital”. (Submitted) 

Mbaya, H. 2010. “The socio-practical dimensions of isitshisa in the Corinthian Church of South Africa”. (Unpublished paper)

 Momberg, M. 2011. „Policy Formulation Processes in Two Social Security Arrangements.

Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Practical Theology in South Africa: Creating Space for a Local Theological Voice. 18-20 January, Pretoria, South Africa. Also presented at the fourth conference on Social Capital and Religious Ritual. 21 January, Pretoria, South Africa.

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