LectorSA project helps JuniorTukkies read better

Posted on April 24, 2010

The reading ability of the Grade 11 learners who have been involved in the programme has improved markedly. The average reading ability of the group initially tested at a Grade 2 level, but after 16 hours of reading, it improved to a Grade 12 level with 80% comprehension ability.

LectorSA is underwritten by Ecoltech, a research and development company that was established in 1988 after 18 years’ intensive research and assistance to learners with reading problems. Ecoltech has been committed to reading improvement in South Africa since 1988. Thanks to ongoing research and development, this firm has been the leader in reading assistance in South Africa. In 1992, Ene Oë/Eyes Only, the very first South African computer reading program, was developed and marketed locally. From 1995 ­to 2009, Lector, Lector 2000 and Lector 4 were researched, developed and introduced to the market. The new Lector 6, which is now available, meets the needs of the latest Windows software. LectorSA is currently busy with the beta phase of the Lector Lab program, which will be available in a modulated format by the end of next year and will fully meet the requirements for Internet connectivity. The company is very excited about the new cellphone modules that are available.

This year, the JuniorTukkie Office is extending the project to 380 first-year students (JuniorTukkies). They will complete 21 lessons so that representative statistics can be obtained with a view to future projections.

The Grade 11 Development Week and the Grade 12 Preparation Conference are supported by Investec. The company’s financial support will provide approximately 320 JuniorTukkies with an opportunity to develop their reading skills in Grade 11 and Grade 12. All learners’ relative reading ability in terms of eye movements, accuracy and comprehension will be measured. Since reading ability must surely be one of the most important components of study success, the project will be a yardstick for possibly placing all students on a reading development programme soon to enable them to utilise reading strategies optimally in their studies.

Poor reading skills are not only a local problem; this phenomenon is increasing globally. Statistics from Malaysia indicate that, on average, first-year students in that country have a Grade 3 reading ability. Here in South Africa, our statistics point to a similar trend. The development of reading fluency should therefore play a role at all levels of academic development.

A number of schools are already using the Lector reading development pro-gramme. JuniorTukkie schools who place their learners on the programme will reap the benefits. The reading development programme is available for group and individual use, and more particulars are obtainable from the JuniorTukkie Office. LectorSA sponsors the JuniorTukkie project with one free module for every five modules that are used in the project.

E-mail [email protected] or phone 012 420 5144 for more information. Also visit LectorSA’s website at www.lectorsa.co.za or contact them at 0860LECTOR.

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