TuksAlumni bursaries make a difference

Posted on May 25, 2009

This amount was made up of R81 630 from the Absa TuksAlumni Bursary Fund and R121 620 from the General TuksAlumni Bursary Fund. Twenty-one first-year students benefitted from the R1 000 discount on tuition fees for members of the Alma Mater Fund.

The Alumni Annual Fund consists of several subfunds which support the University on an ongoing basis:

  • The TuksAlumni Bursary Fund is an endowment fund that uses 80% of the annual interest accrued on its capital to award annual bursaries to meritorious undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Individual giving through the Alma Mater Fund enables alumni to choose whether they would like to support the TuksAlumni General Bursary Fund or the TuksAlumni Special Projects Fund by donating a minimum amount on a monthly or annual basis by means of a debit order or a cash amount.
  • The Tukkie Credit Card (underwritten by Absa) is a normal credit card that enables Absa to make an annual donation to the Alumni Bursary Fund based on the card’s total turnover for the year.

The aim of the Alumni Annual Fund is to support meritorious students at UP by providing them with bursaries and to attract high-quality students to study at UP through this financial support, thereby maintaining the high standards of the University.

The students who received bursaries in 2008 ranged from first- to fourth-year students in various fields of study. These included six LLBs, one BSc: Chemistry degree, one B Town and Regional Planning degree, one BSc: Architecture degree, one BSc: Microbiology degree, two BEd: Further Education and Training degrees, one BCom: Financial Management degree, two MBChBs, one BChD, one MEng: Electronic Engineering degree and one BphysT degree.

The students who receive these bursaries dearly appreciate the assistance they receive and work hard to reach their goals. Some of the comments received from bursary-holders are as follows:

“The TuksAlumni Bursary is really helping me in every way during my course. Going to university is an expensive, but necessary start in life. I started my degree knowing that I don’t have the money to finish. Fortunately for the alumni bursary, I can concentrate more on my studies and worry less about money. The bursary also helps me put that little bit extra in. I really don’t want to disappoint. Thank you for helping when I need it most.”

“Thank you to all of the alumni scholarship donors for the tremendous opportunities that you give us! In my situation, the opportunity has been to fulfil my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor... Tutoring to raise finances, while studying, became impossible as the workload increased. In desperation, I approached the Finance Department for financial help. To my amazement and wonder I was informed that this bursary was granted to me!”

“I received a merit bursary during my final year, which enabled me to cut down on the four nights per week I worked as a waitress in a restaurant to earn extra money to pay for my board and lodging, petrol and pocket money. The bursary helped me to have more time over weekends to study. I am very proud of the fact that I managed to obtain my degree without having to secure a larger study loan. I now have a good job and can repay my loan as soon as possible, after which I intend donating some money to Tuks for bursaries so that other students can also have the same opportunities to study as I had.”

It is clear that all donations are put to good use and make a life-changing difference to the lives of students who are willing to work hard!

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