Important information about rules regarding plagiarism

The relevant paragraphs now read as follows:



A student shall be guilty of misconduct and may be dealt with in terms of this code, if he or she … in University context infringes a person's copyright or any other intellectual property right, including but not limited to plagiarism; in University context.......
  d.   plagiarises by stating, or implying, original authorship of someone else's written or creative work (words, images, ideas, opinions, discoveries, artwork, music, recordings, computer-generated work), and/or by incorporating such work or material, in whole or in part, into his or her own work without properly acknowledging or citing the source;
  and such act is prejudicial or potentially prejudicial to the University, its reputation, its staff, guests, contractors or students.”


Guidelines for staff and students are currently being developed to standardise the application of the policy. 

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