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On Friday the 14th of November, the South African Radio Forum took place in a tribute to talents in community radio, in categories of programming; promotion, marketing and advertising; and on-air talent. Tuks FM is pleased to announce that their entry of Breakfast jock Andre Kunz in the ‘On-Air Presenter of the Year’ category, walked home with the award! To win such an esteemed award is an extreme honour, and as such reflects upon Tuks FM and its standards as both a radio station and a business competitor.

Andre Kunz started training at Tuks FM in Dec 2006 when he was asked to join the station by our previous programme director Tim Zunckel. His promising future in radio was evident when he passed his studio controls test on the 1st Jan 2007 and his first show was a Cinderella session 1 to 3 am on the 15th Jan 2007. Andre had been a huge fan of Tuks FM since he was in high school and the love affair continued for the next 14 years! He had always found the opportunity to get in to broadcasting appealing, and when he was afforded the chance to join the best community station in the country he jumped at it! Andre then resigned his previous job as a teacher so he could dedicate his full time and attention to broadcasting.

Andre says of his experiences with Tuks FM, ‘Since joining Tuks fm 107.2 I have been taught all the inner workings of radio and how to apply my skills and experiences in the commercial radio industry. I am eternally grateful to the Tuks FM management and staff, past and present, for their training and advice, and most of all for their dedication to making Tuks FM 107.2 the premier organization in the country for training on- and off-air staff, and teaching the workings of a real radio station!’. Subsequently Andre has been snatched up by OFM and will be leaving Tuks FM in January 2009. Although we are sad to see him go, we’re proud to say that yet again Tuks FM has provided this unbelievably competitive and cut throat industry with a top quality presenter!

With such high programming standards and an abundance of both on- and off-air talent, Tuks FM is fast becoming the go-to community radio station when commercial giants are searching for new flavours to spice up their airwaves. Tuks FM is more than willing to sacrifice our best assets; it further illustrates how, as a community radio station, we are fully capable of competing amongst larger commercial radio stations and being able to come out on top.

For additional information or a sample copy, contact Greer Bell, phone: (012) 362 5316, fax: 08 66 99 1072, e-mail: [email protected], web: www.tuksfm.co.za.

Tuks FM was established in 1981 as a student radio station of the University of Pretoria. Today it has become a daily lifestyle for those aspiring to go to University, those in University and young professionals who have completed their studies. Tuks FM is constantly searching for new and exciting ways to connect with their dedicated listeners, and hosting interactive events like On The Rocks is an excellent example of how we are making this a reality. Tuks FM is your music, your capital.

Breakfast jock Andre Kunz walked home with the award in the ‘On-Air Presenter of the Year’ category.


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