UP participates in the First International Open Access Day on 14 October

/upetd.up.ac.za) gained a lot of momentum since the implementation of the institutional repository, UPSpace which hosts more than 200 collections including journal articles, conference papers and proceedings, reports, digitized heritage collections, all available in open access mode. openUP, the University's open scholarship programme is a concerted effort to open up our research and scholarship in order to provide more visibility for authors and the University. All books published by the Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) are available on line for free.
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All the University of Pretoria deans and many prominent researchers have voiced their support for open access. Here is what they have to say…


“The shared vision of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is to be at the cutting edge of economic, financial and management education and research. The Faculty focuses on people and believes that it creates excellence by investing in its staff and students. Open Access supports the vision of the Faculty to excel in and contribute towards the development body of knowledge in our disciplines.”

Prof Carolina Koornhof
Dean: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences


"In our world we need to have access to information to be in control of our lives. Not having such access means other people will take many of your important decisions for you - or you will do so yourself without knowing the full consequences."

Prof Christof Heyns
Dean: Faculty of Law


“I support Open Access because developments in Veterinary Education research should be accessible throughout the world, in particular in Africa, to ensure that training is relevant and meets the needs of the communities.”

Prof Gerry Swan
Dean: Faculty of Veterinary Science
Member of the Medicines Control Council


"It was HG Wells who said Human history becomes more and more a race between Education and catastrophe. I believe that the catastrophe can be avoided if we equalize access to knowledge and research - and open access goes a long way in achieving this goal."

Prof Irma Eloff
Dean: Faculty of Education

Oop toegang behoort die vanselfsprekende keuse van navorsers te wees.

 Prof Anton Stroh
Dekaan: Fakulteit Natuur- en Landbouwetenskappe


“Ek ondersteun oop toegang omdat dit lesers en outeurs bevoordeel - die outeur se werk word meer gebruik en verhoog so sy/haar akademiese aansien, terwyl lesers die keuse kry om die mees relevante werk uit te soek en te gebruik.“

Prof Jan H Kroeze
Departement Informatika
Fakulteit Ingenieurswese, Bou-omgewing en Inligtingtegnologie


"In the electronic wonder-world we live in, Open Access provides all information at arms length in the comfort of your home or office. It is accessible, affordable and easy to use."

Prof Jan H Meiring
Head: Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences

“I support OA because of its ability to allow unrestricted sharing of research results in an online environment - free of charge. As research forms the core of an academic’s career, it is important to share in the findings of research studies that have been conducted globally. OA has the possibility of stimulating research partnerships between individuals and institutions which will only benefit the future of scientific research.”

Prof Yolanda Jordaan
Department of Marketing and Communication Management
Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences


“The reason why I - for 23 years the editor of the oldest theological journal in South Africa - support UP Open Access is simply that I believe that unpublished research is paramount to abortive research and that irrelevant research is paramount to irresponsible research. Abortive research is inaccessible for use by the scholarly community and the broader society and inaccessible research hinders progress. Progressive research by UP scholars leads to international relevance. Open access ensures maximum visibility, so that all can see that UP matters.”

Prof Andries G. van Aarde
Department New Testament Sudies
Editor: HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies


“I support Open Access as this is the best method of ensuring that relevant research results are taken from the tip of Africa to the front screen. Young researchers should be able to keep up-to-date with the latest research as well as participating in sharing knowledge.”

Dr Eran Dvir
Department of Companion Animal Clinical Studies
Junior Researcher of the Year 2008
Faculty of Veterinary Science


“I support open access because knowledge is a public good. Hence, free access to published papers, as well as working papers, not only ensures maximum readership, but also, high level of citations. Thus, with open access, both the author and the audience are in a win-win situation.”

Prof Rangan Gupta
Department of Economics, Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences


"Open access has my full support."

Prof Roelf Sandenbergh
Dean: Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology


"Open access opens local research to a global community. Research knows no borders."

Prof James Ker
Deputy Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences


“I support Open Access because research in wildlife diseases is of critical importance for the African continent and Open Access makes it freely available to researchers worldwide.”

Prof Nick Kriek
Director: Centre for Veterinary Wildlife Studies


“Ek ondersteun Oop Toegang want dit is vir my as navorser belangrik om te weet dat die navorsing wat ek doen wel 'n verskil maak en hoe wyer die navorsing beskikbaar is hoe groter is die impak daarvan. Navorsing wat wyd gebruik word en werklik momentum gee aan verdere ontwikkelings en/of verandering motiveer mens om nog verdere navorsing te doen.“

Prof Madeleine Stiglingh
Hoof: Departement Belasting
Fakulteit Ekonomiese & Bestuurswetenskappe


“For research with particular relevance to developing world regions, such as Africa, Open Access offers a gateway to scientific knowledge that would otherwise be inaccessible. This doorway to knowledge can empower patients, parents and professionals to make informed decisions that may have far reaching consequences.”

Dr De Wet Swanepoel
Department of Communication Pathology


"I do not know how business people, students or academics can survive in their working environments without Open Access. It has really made my life and work much easier and a lot more enjoyable. I have immediate information at my fingertips and sometimes even a few surprising new insights - that I have not had access to before - pop up on my computer screen. I wholeheartedly support Open Access."

Prof Ronel Rensburg
Dept. Marketing and Communication Management
Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences


"Open access is an idea whose time has come. The results of research done with taxpayers' money should be available to all of us. It has my active support."

Robert Moropa
Director: Department of Library Services

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