Dr Patrick Moore on global warming and the search for sustainable, clean energy

The provision of affordable, safe and clean energy is an issue of major importance in South Africa, particularly in view of the energy crisis that we are experiencing at present. The announcement by Eskom that it plans to construct new nuclear plants has led to renewed interest in nuclear power.

Dr Moore, once an ardent opponent of nuclear energy, will discuss the impact of global warming and present his views on the challenges and the respective roles that nuclear power, renewable sources and energy efficiency can play in producing a cleaner supply of electricity and ensuring a sustainable supply of energy in the future.

Dr Moore now spends much of his time with his team from Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. Advising industry, environmental and social agencies and governments around the world on the development of sustainable and environmentally safe alternative energy supplies.

His public lecture at UP is part of the University’s Centenary Lecture Series.

Contact Hendriehet Young at 012 420 4931 or e-mail.

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