Historic interview with Dr Albertina Luthuli

Posted on May 06, 2013

During the interview, Dr Luthuli mentioned key challenges facing the world today, which she argued are lack of responsible leadership, lack of environmental awareness and economic challenges facing our country, such as unemployment, poverty and inequality. She mentioned that corruption is one of the key challenges which hinders large scale development and ensuring a sustainable future for all South Africans. She also argued that over-dependency on government support and resources poses a huge challenge, as it deprives communities of a “sense of purpose and motivation”. Of particular significance to her was education and training. She said that, to address these critical issues, people must be empowered with knowledge and skills enabling them to participate and contribute to a healthy South Africa.

Dr Luthuli shared some of her memories of her father and more specifically his attributes as a leader during the interview. Her desire is that we can all learn from him and really make SA and the world a better place. Some of his most outstanding attributes were selflessness, his relentless emphasis on the importance of education, self-reliance and hard work.

Dr Albertina Luthuli concluded the interview by saying that responsible leadership starts with each and every one of us. Individuals, irrespective of whether they are in communities, in government or in the business sector, whether they are in leadership positions or not, must be held responsible and accountable for their actions. Responsible leadership can therefore not be emphasised enough.


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