Posted on October 02, 2009

The level of quality of productions and performances was high from the outset as the physical theatre production “Three Wall Temple” (a deconstruction of “The Tempest”) and the movement-based “Metamorphosis” proved. Other inventive productions ranged from adaptations of established plays to innovative original character-based student work. Myer Taub’s “The Merensky Project” delivered a performance art perspective on a key local historical figure that demythologised Merensky without presenting him as an on-stage character, while returning festival favourite “Mythology of the Car Guard” gave audiences a hilarious (and indeed completely mythological!) look at the life of vehicular sentinels.

The departmental honours productions too contributed to the festival excitement. These honours productions – “Behind the Smile, the Secret Frown”; “4th Person”; “PerToeVal”; “A Place for Two”; “Serenade”; “Verwerklikheid”; “Wait Not Want Not”; ‘World-Not” – reinvigorated familiar themes of life and death using modes of performance ranging from the comedic to the abstract.

And now the preparations begin for Krêkvars 2010!


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