An illuminating choreo-poem at the Masker Theatre

Posted on March 19, 2012

Street Lights With Lips is an imaginative piece of dramatised poetry (POEDRA), with a cast of 15 talented drama students. This choreo-poem is set against the backdrop of the inner city, capturing the imagination of audiences as it walks them through a familiar neighborhood, using poetic verses and dance to articulate issues that occur only at sunset in our city streets.
What would street lights say if they could talk? Imagine that the street lights look at you, call you by your first name, invite you to sit next to them and to converse. Imagine you are no longer just a passer-by, but a friend, a sister, a man, a mother, a street sweeper, a journalist, a street vendor, a prostitute, a schoolgirl, an old man or just a spectator… What will you hear? What would you ask them? Imagine the street lights telling of things seen and hidden… of things forgotten and buried. What would you choose to take away?

Street Lights With Lips was written and directed by evocative poet and playwright Napo Masheane, who brought audiences productions including My Bum Is Genetic Deal With It, The Fat Black Women Sing, Mollo (The Woman In Me), Hair & Comb and the Indigenous Orchestra. Napo is known for her alluring blend of spoken word/monologues and continues her trade in her latest and self-compiled production. She invited choreographer Deborah Leshika to embody her words with a dynamic infusion of movement and dance, giving the city street lights the opportunity to converse while entertaining audiences.

DATE:  27 to 31 March 2012

VENUE: Masker Theatre (University of Pretoria Hatfield Campus).

TIME: 19:00

PRICE: Block Bookings R25, Students R30, Adults R35.

BOOKINGS: [email protected], 012-4202558 or at the door.

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