Quali Quest: An innovative way of teaching qualitative research

Posted on May 07, 2010

More specifically, the forum will act as a network where students can be informally trained to master a range of methodological skills needed for quality research (including evaluation research) and where they will be assisted to meet the required standards set by the Department.

The course will be presented in modules and includes topics such as the philosophy of qualitative research, qualitative research design, proposal writing, data gathering methods and data recording, data analysis and interpretation, critical appraisal, ethical considerations, enhancing the quality of qualitative research, evaluation research within the systems perspective etc.

This e-learning site aims to address the problem currently shared by many South African universities
, namely to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. Some of these students, for example, received excellent training in qualitative research, and some hardly received any training at all. Apart from developing a sense of identity, cohesion and belonging needed for learning, being part of such a group could help the student to foster an understanding of issues involved in the specific subject, which in this case is qualitative research, and develop the critical and reflective skills needed to write a dissertation. It could also encourage the student to communicate their ideas, reflect on what they have learned, assist other students and become aware of the vast literature and new developments on the qualitative research horizon.


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