Posted on July 24, 2009

Results indicate that the Vuvuzela’s output intensity is dangerously loud. Anyone in the nearby vicinity is at a severe risk of permanent noise-induced hearing loss and associated tinnitus (ringing in the ears). According to occupational noise standards, people should not be exposed to the intensities produced by the Vuvuzela for more than a couple of minutes if they are within a radius of 1 to 2 meters. At a typical soccer game the cumulative effect of many Vuvuzela’s blown constantly for 90 minutes create a hearing health care risk similar to that experienced by a goldminer drilling the rock-face for example. Without the use of effective hearing protection people are exposing themselves to the severe risk category for permanent hearing loss.

Preventative measures, such as public awareness and hearing protection, should be prioritized as an important health care approach in sporting events where the Vuvuzela is used, especially in light of the upcoming World Cup in 2010.

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