Photography and Videography during JuniorTukkie events





Consent to capturing and usage of recorded material


By attending the JuniorTukkie Grade 12 Preparation Conference, hosted by the JuniorTukkie Office of the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration at the University of Pretoria from 30 September to 3 October 2023 at the Southern Sun, Arcadia, Pretoria, you confirm that:

Acknowledgement to capture: By being present at the JuniorTukkie Preparation Conference 2023, you acknowledge that your image, voice and likeness may potentially be captured through various means, such as photographs, video recordings, audio recordings and other media formats.

Use of captured material: Any media captured as described above may be used by the University of Pretoria for educational, promotional, archival and other purposes deemed appropriate by the University. The captured material may be used on various media channels, such as official University websites, social media platforms, print material, publications, presentations, and other marketing and communication initiatives.

Due to the fact that your image, voice or likeness might be captured, if you are younger than 18, you must have your parent or guardian’s consent to attend the JuniorTukkie Grade 12 Preparation Conference.

VERY IMORTANT: If you have any reservations about your image, voice or likeness being captured for these purposes, and where your parent / guardian did not provide consent, kindly ensure that you remain outside of any demarcated areas, and be aware of the fact that filming will be taking place and that photographers will be on the premises for the day, specifically for this purpose.

You will be provided at the Conference with an indication in the event that you, your parent/guardian has not provided consent. Kindly ensure that it is visible at all times.

Waiver of compensation: By being part of the JuniorTukkie Grade 12 Preparation Conference and being present at the event, you, your parent / guardian waives any right to compensation or royalties related to the use of material captured by the University. You understand that usage of the material will be for the benefit of UP and its educational mission.

Retention and distribution: The University of Pretoria will retain the captured material in accordance with its policies and legal obligations. The University may also share this material with affiliated institutions, government agencies, accrediting bodies and other third parties as required or allowed by law.

Right to retract consent: If you wish to retract your consent  to the use of your image, voice or likeness as described, you must submit a written request to Selena Davids at [email protected] specifying the captured media and its use. The University will make a reasonable effort to cease or limit the use of such material. However, please note that the complete removal of already published material may not always be feasible.

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