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Fine Arts by its unique nature enriches our lives, culture and society. It is the means by which people communicate with one another in a visual form, passing on shared values that help to generate a sense of identity and belonging. If you want a course in which knowledge, imagination, appreciation and evaluation are skilfully combined then the Fine Arts programme is for you.

BA (Fine Arts) covers a broad spectrum of professional art practices. The two majors of the degree are the studio-based component of art practice, Fine arts (BKK), and Professional art practice (VIT) and a theoretical subject, Visual culture studies (VKK).  BA (Fine Arts) is a four-year programme that incorporates training in the disciplines of art practice such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, new media and photography.

Once fundamental aspects of these disciplines are mastered, increasingly more challenging goals are set that often require inter- and multidisciplinary skills and knowledge, such as installation art, public art and performance art. The role played by multimedia in the form of projections, video and digital art has also become a major form of expression in the fine arts programme.

The first two years of BKK entail compulsory projects in various media; the third year focuses on personal development of medium, context and content; and in the fourth year, students work towards their first professional exhibition with all the theoretical, professional and practical skills that are associated with an exhibition of good academic quality.

Professional art practice (VIT) is one of the majors offered within the BA (Fine Arts) programme. This subject focuses on the interdependence and interrelationship of the visual arts and industry. Students are given projects that draw their attention to the spaces and situations of their environment including community-based projects, such as public art projects.

During the final (fourth year), a theory module highlighting current theoretical research discourses is included. For this, a research paper is prepared and presented.

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Career Opportunities

Gallery managers, arts facilitators, art consultants/advisors, art educators, artists in the fine arts, artists in new media, artists in applied arts

Programme Code


Closing Dates

  • SA – 30/06/2020
  • Non-SA – 30/06/2020

Admission Requirements

Please apply as soon as applications open on 1 March.

  • The closing date is an administrative admission guideline.
  • Once a non-selection programme is full and has reached the institutional targets, then that programme will be closed for further admissions, irrespective of the closing date. However, if the institutional targets have not been met by the closing date, then that programme will remain open for admissions until the institutional targets are met.
  • Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS.
  • Faculty Yearbooks: click here.

1. You will be considered for conditional admission, if space allows, and if you:

  • are a Grade 11 applicant, please submit your final Grade 11 examination results, and have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with university endorsement or an equivalent qualification; OR
  • are transferring from other recognised institutions to the University of Pretoria; OR
  • are a graduate or have graduate status from another recognised tertiary institution; OR
  • are a graduate of another Faculty at the University of Pretoria; AND
  • comply with the minimum subject requirements and achievement levels, as well as the APS requirements of specific programmes.
  • If you are an international applicant please apply for conditional admission based on your final results equivalent to Grade 11.
  • Final admission is based on the qualification equivalent to the NSC.

2. You will be considered for final admission to degree studies, if space allows, and if you:

  • have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualification with admission to Bachelor’s degree studies; and comply with the minimum subject requirements as well as the APS requirements of their chosen programme; OR
  • are a student transferring from another recognised tertiary institution and comply with the programme requirements; OR
  • have graduate status from another recognised tertiary institution, or are a graduate of another Faculty at the University of Pretoria.
  • If you are an international student or are a student with other qualifications equivalent to the NSC (including school qualifications from other countries, eg Spain, New Zealand, etc), you must obtain a Complete Exemption Certificate or a Foreign Conditional Exemption Certificate based on your international (‘foreign’) qualifications. Certificates can only be obtained from Universities South Africa (USAf) at click here. In addition, these candidates must meet the relevant programme admission requirements.


Minimum requirements

Achievement level

English Home Language or English First Additional Language




AS Level







To retain admission, you must obtain an APS of at least 28 in the NSC.

Selection Process

The selection process has two stages:

  • Submission of a portfolio of at least 20 recent works, which must be sent to the Department of Visual Arts by 14 July. The Department will then use your APS, your portfolio, your academic merit score and a questionnaire to determine if you are eligible for the final selection process. Please submit your online application on the UP Portal at least two weeks before 30 June.
  • The final selection process takes place in July and consists of an interview and selection tests. Detailed information about the selection steps, including the portfolio requirements and the questionnaire, can be obtained at click here.
    • You will be notified by email and/or SMS if you qualify for the final selection process.
    • Approximately 100 applicants are invited to take part in the final selection process and the results are made available by mid-August. The UP online status of applicants will be updated accordingly in September.

Duration of study

4 years, full-time.

Faculty Notes

The Faculty of Humanities provides a holistic education, transferable skills, critical thinking, and communication and problem-solving that will help you develop to your full potential. You will be entering a stimulating environment that will broaden your intellectual horizons and help you achieve personal and professional success through the best possible learning experience.

As the most diverse Faculty of the University of Pretoria, we offer an exciting and comprehensive range of programmes and discipline-based majors, including studies in languages, social sciences and visual and performing arts.

Enquiries about the programme

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