MEET: Michele Le Grange, Manager: Career Services, Hatfield Campus

Posted on July 05, 2019

1. Who is Michelle?
I am from a town called Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. I am an open-minded individual with a practical and pragmatic approach to problem solving. My interests centre on enhancing my knowledge pool through a perpetual resolve for self-development.
2. Tell us about your job here at UP.
My primary responsibility entails facilitating a career support initiative which prepares and equips both students and graduates of the University of Pretoria, propelling them towards success in their respective fields. Secondarily, through a consultative relationship with students, I create a comprehensive service product which aims to reconcile their chosen career interests with the potential employer. Lastly, I oversee the creation and expedition of an employer-employee platform (Career Fair) forming a progressive relationship between students and their potential employers.
3. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
I serve to execute the mandate given to me by the University of Pretoria and to up the success of its students and graduates is instrumental to its socio-economic footprint. Therefore, I enjoy seeing our students and graduates being empowered to succeed and advancing in their respective fields. It gives me a great fulfilment.
Michelle enjoys seeing students and graduates being empowered to succeed and advancing in their respective fields.
4. What is the least favourite part about your job?
Our career services do not create jobs, but instead prepare our students for employment, it’s unfortunate that no matter how much we can prepare our students, if our economy is not creating enough jobs then they remain disadvantaged.
5. What would be your top suggestion for making UP an even better place to work
A generational mix would further advance the participation of students to our services. If the career services are mostly targeting young people, then an integration of our young graduates to our permanent workforce would foster diversity in ideas and championing more innovative ways of doing things.
6. If you were not a Manager: Career Services, what else would you have liked to be?
A criminologist.
7. Tell us about who Michele is away from work?
I am a mother of four and a very simple person, I spend most of my time with family.
8. What are your goals for the next five years?
I would like to see the expansion of the scope of career services go beyond its current limits, from just serving current students and graduates, to even extend its scope to prospective students before they make career decisions. Self-development is important to me, therefore I would like to further my education and equip myself more.
9. Is there a favourite piece of advice you have received in life that you would like to share with our colleagues?
“Anticipate an opportunity before it comes, and be highly prepared for it when it knocks” I believe opportunities are intentional and not accidental.
- Author Xolani Mathibela

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