8 August - National Cat Day

Posted on August 01, 2018

Have you ever noticed the feral cats on the University of Pretoria’s campuses?

The Feral Cat Programme involves partnerships with interested and affected stakeholders to manage feral cats and associated problems. Problems commonly associated with unmanaged feral cats include uncontrolled growth of their population, strong foul odours from unneutered male cats spraying to mark their territory and visible suffering from dying kittens and injured adults.

The feral cats cannot be euthanised or relocated as other cats will occupy their territory. However, they assist in managing the rodent and pest population.

The programme entails capturing feral cats, neutering them and sustaining the population with a feeding scheme. This results in the stabilisation of their numbers. The programme is then monitored and reviewed. It is an environmental practicable solution to a sensitive biodiversity issue.

Do you want to get involved by donating cat food, blankets or feeding bowls?

Please contact:                                     

Ilze Ueckermann                                                                       
Manager Waste and Environment                                              
Tel: 012 420 2046 or [email protected]                        
Elmar Bothma
Coordinator of cat feeding programme
082 493 5692 or [email protected]


- Author Ilze Ueckermann

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