Summer School 2018

Posted on November 30, 2017


The University of Pretoria is offering a third semester for interested students in the module(s) mentioned below during the summer recess.

The student account will be debited with the normal tuition fees.  More information with regard to lecture venues and times will be made available during the first meeting as well as on 'Student Online Services' and the Intranet:

The following modules will be presented:

  1. AIM 111
  2. AIM 121
  3. BER 220
  4. BEM 120
  5. CHM172
  6. CMY 117 
  7. CMY 127 
  8. CMY 151
  9. EBN111/122(Presented only in English)
  10. EKN 120 (Presented only in English)
  11. EKN 234 (Presented only in English)
  12. EKN244 (Presented only in English)
  13. FRK 121(Presented only in English)
  14. FRK 211
  15. INF 112
  16. INF 164
  17. INF 171
  18. OBS 310
  19. OBS 320
  20. OPV 222
  21. NMC 113/123
  22. NPM 321
  23. SWK 122
  24. WTW124
  25. WTW164
  26. WTW 238
  27. WTW 263


Residence accommodation

Please take note: Only students who have acquired placement in a residence for 2018 and have an academic obligation may apply for early residence accommodation for January 2018.

Students requiring this early accommodation will have to apply online via UP Student Center, Student Portal. Students will be charged with a fee of R205 per day of accommodation, and this will be debited to his/her student account.

Students who have not yet acquired residence placement for 2018 will unfortunately not be accommodated in a residence for the Summer School period and will have to find alternative accommodation.

Click here to download the schedule for Summer School 2018.



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