JuniorTukkie acknowledges new first-year students' achievements

Posted on February 21, 2017


The JuniorTukkie (JT) Office in the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration at the University of Pretoria (UP) hosted its fifth JuniorTukkie Welcoming Function for first-year students on Wednesday, 15 February 2017. 

The Function was attended by 300 new first-year students who are members of the JuniorTukkie Club, as well as students who qualified for awards. The JuniorTukkie family is a culturally diverse group of learners and students who embrace challenges. The aim of the JuniorTukkie programme is to develop important personal and professional skills to equip students for the challenges they may face during their studies. The JT programme provides a wide variety of services to students such as first-hand information on study and career options; development of leadership qualities, life skills and study skills; and engagement in community projects.

The address delivered by Prof Carolina Koornhof, Executive Director of the Department of Enrolment and Student Administration, inspired all who attended. Prof Koornhof also congratulated all the students who qualified for awards in the following categories:

  • Vice-Chancellor Discretionary Merit Award (46 awards)

Students who qualified each received R130 000, to be paid out over a three-year period, ie R70 000 in the first year and R30 000 in each of the two remaining study years.

  • Vice-Chancellor's Special Award (373 awards)

Selected academic achievers from previously disadvantaged communities each received R10 700. The recipients were chosen based on the results with which they apply for admission to study at UP.

  • JuniorTukkie Grade 11 Empowerment Week Award (30 awards)

The top 30 JuniorTukkie academic achievers who attended the Grade 11 Empowerment Week in 2015, each received R15 000 based on the average percentage obtained in their Grade 12 final examination.

  • JuniorTukkie Grade 12 Preparation Conference Award (3 awards)

Three students who attended the JuniorTukkie Grade 12 Preparation Conference each received R25 000, which they won at a lucky draw on the last day of the Conference in October 2016.

  • Grade 12 Dux Scholar Award (129 awards)

The top Grade 12 academic achievers of selected schools (one dux learner per school) each received an achievement award of R7 500.

  • JuniorTukkie Lifestyle Award: (3 awards)

The JuniorTukkie first-year student who obtained the highest average percentage in the Grade 12 final examination received a JuniorTukkie Lifestyle award to the value of R5 000. Two other JuniorTukkie achievers received R3 000 each.

  • UP achievement awards are offered to new first-year students based on their academic average percentage in their final school-year examinations as calculated by the University of Pretoria. (Click here for more information.)

The JuniorTukkie programme assists students to ensure a smooth transition from high school to tertiary education. This prestigious event is not only about acknowledging achievements – students also received valuable information about services the University offers its students, such as academic support, emotional support, financial support, opportunities in sports, the JuniorTukkie Ambassadors Programme and TuksAlumni.

Students were also encouraged to graduate on time as this is extremely beneficial to the students and their parents or sponsors. It saves money and time, and the graduate can start work or commence with subsequent degrees that much sooner. If a student loses out on a year’s salary because of delayed studies, this money will never be recovered.  Students were reminded to choose their modules carefully, manage their time, work consistently and aim for a good semester mark.

At the end of the formal programme, each student received a small gift and was treated to a delicious dinner.  It was evident that all those present thoroughly enjoyed the JuniorTukkie Welcoming Function.



- Author JuniorTukkie

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