Public defence of Theology PhD theses: Mr L Sutton and Rev B Moselle

Posted on June 18, 2015

Mr L Sutton

Chair: Prof J Buitendag

Promoter: DJ Human

Internal: J le Roux

Additional member: EE Meyer


External Examiners:

Prof H Viviers


[email protected]

Prof NL de Claisse-Walford

Mercer University

[email protected]



‘Trilogy of war and renewed honour?  Psalms 108, 109 and 110 as a literary composition’



2 Jul 2015




Rev B Moselle

Chair: Prof Buitendag

Promoter: DJ Human

Internal: GG de Villiers

Additional member: A Geyser-Fouche


External Examiners:

Prof W Boshoff


[email protected]

Prof WD Tucker Jr

Baylor University

[email protected]



‘The symbolic and theological significance of the olive tree in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew scriptures’



2 Jul 2015




For more information, contact Margaux Mouton at x3393 / [email protected] or Sunette Steynberg, at x4790 / [email protected] 

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