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Undergraduate Studies

NB: AIM: Academic Information Management is a compulsory subject for all first year students except Engineering students.

The Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT) offers undergraduate degree programmes that are not only at the forefront of the various disciplines, but that also equip graduates to be leaders in their chosen professions. 

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The following degrees are offered in the the EBIT Faculty:

The School for the Built Environment Degrees:

  • BSc - Architecture
  • BSc - Interior Architecture
  • BSc - Landscape Architecture
  • BSc - Construction Management
  • BSc - Real Estate
  • Bsc - Quantity Surveying
  • B&TRP - Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning

The School of Engineering degrees:

  • BEng - Industrial Engineering 
  • BEng - Chemical Engineering 
  • BEng - Civil Engineering 
  • BEng - Electrical Engineering
  • BEng - Electronic Engieering 
  • BEng - Mechanical Engineering 
  • BEng - Metallurigical Engineering 
  • BEng - Mining Engineering 
  • BEng - Computer Engineering 

The Engineering Augmented Degree Program (ENGAGE). Click here for more information.

The School of Information Technology degrees:

  • BIT - Bachelor of Information Technology
  • BSc - Computer Science
  • BIS - Multimedia 
  • BSc - Information and Knowledge Systems
  • BIS - Information Science
  • BIS - Publishing
  • BCom - Informatics  (see Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences)


Postgraduate Programmes

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