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Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering: Committed to provide world-class support to inspired students in the field of chemical engineering.

PTFE produced at the department

PTFE produced at the department

Remediation of a Cr(VI) Contaminated Site

Remediation of a Cr(VI) Contaminated Site

ABS filament produced at the department

ABS filament produced at the department

Chemical Engineering

This website should give you a broad overview of the Department, its staff, its activities, news items, information for prospective students - undergraduate as well as postgraduate, and information for registered students.  

About 100 students graduate annually with a BEng-degree in Chemical Engineering. This qualification is fully accredited by ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa) enabling registration of graduates as Candidate Engineer and after the required exposure to industry, for application to register as Pr.Eng. Also, the accredited undergraduate program is recognised internationally  by the co-signatories of the Washington Accord.

The Department has a full-time lecturing staff of 17.

All modules presented by the Department are are presented only in English, in line with the policy of the University of Pretoria in this regard.

It is the aim of the Department to produce graduates who are capable of making a contribution to the growth of the country, who are well-equipped to apply their understanding of chemical engineering principles to the many challenges and opportunities locally, but who can also make significant contributions in the international arena.

We believe that specialisation can only follow on a sound foundation - that is why our undergraduate curriculum ensures that this requirement is met. At postgraduate level, our department specialises in

These focus groups are mutually supportive, address the cutting-edge research questions of the day and put a strong focus on issues related to energy, biotechnology and the environment.

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